Chest Exercises
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Barbell Bench Press
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Dumbbell Bench Press | Coach Exercise Guides
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Chest Exercises

Best Upper, Middle, Lower and  Inner Part of the Chest Exercises

Chest Exercises. The chest muscles are fixed to the breast bone and the upper part of the humeri. Their function consists in drawing arms to the center line of the body, internal rotation and bending forward of the humeri.

The chest muscles

This muscle group is responsible for pushing movements when the pectoral muscles perform combined activities with the deltoid muscle of the shoulder and the triceps.

The chest muscles may be divided into the following groups:

  •  the upper chest muscles;
  •  the middle chest muscles;
  •  the lower pectoral muscles;
  •  the inner part of the chest.

With a view to develop the chest muscles in a better way and evenly, the load on different parts of the muscles shall be combined.

To this end, during one chest training session try to involve upper and middle parts, and during the next session, after a break and recovery of the muscles, pay attention to the lower and inner parts of the chest.