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How To Do The Dumbbell Bench Press


Dumbbell Bench Press. Beautiful pumped-up chest is an important element in the figure of any athlete, whether male or female. There are many effective ways to work out this target muscle group. Dumbbell bench press lying on the bench is just one of these available methods. In the article we will tell you in detail how to do the dumbbell bench press correctly, consider different variations of the exercise (dumbbell bench press on the horizontal and inclined bench at an angle of 30-45 C), and tell you indicative programs and complexes for crossfit using this exercise.

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The benefits of exercise

Dumbbell bench press lying up is one of the basic exercises in crossfit. Let’s take a closer look at what muscles work with the dumbbell bench press and what is the use of it. The biggest plus of the exercise is that thanks to it, you can effectively load the pectoralis major muscles. The triceps and the front deltas are also actively involved in the work. Biceps, as well as the latissimus dorsi, play the role of stabilizers during exercise.

Muscles working with a dumbbell bench press

During movement, the athlete jogs sports equipment up. The benefit of an athlete’s lying dumbbell bench press is that this exercise allows him to work out the chest area of the body well, as well as increase strength indicators in other exercises. This exercise is great for beginners and will be a good base for breast pumping. Working under the supervision of a coach, a novice athlete will be able to quickly take the first steps to a good shape. With this exercise, it’s very effective to start your training day.

Professionals need to perform a bench press of dumbbells to increase strength in a standard exercise with a barbell. Also, experienced athletes need to regularly change the training program. This exercise will help diversify the process of pumping the pectoral muscles. You can work out in the gym using the superset method. Combine bench press with dumbbell breeding and push-ups with a wide spread of arms. Perform several approaches in various exercises without rest.

Dumbbell bench press lying on a horizontal bench is suitable for women. Girls should work with a comfortable weight. Before working with iron, you can develop basic strength using conventional push-ups.

Dumbbell Bench Press Technique

Most novice athletes who first come to the gym make a huge number of mistakes. In the event that in the world of weightlifting you are a complete beginner, be sure to use the services of an experienced mentor, because the technique of performing the bench dumbbell press is not as simple as it seems from the outside. The trainer will help you to draw up a training program, and will also advise you on nutrition issues. Already at the first training session, you can learn about the technical difficulties of the bench dumbbell press and the rules for performing the exercise.

Beginners are encouraged to first visit the gym paired with a friend. The dumbbell bench press lying up requires a special technique from the athlete. But if you do not have the opportunity to exercise with a partner, then remember the special algorithm for performing movements.

Before starting the exercise, you should choose dumbbells of suitable weight. Work with a light load first. At first, the athlete needs to work on improving the technique. After you can perform all the elements correctly, take heavier sports equipment.

The technique for performing the bench press dumbbell is as follows:

1 Lift the dumbbells from the floor to your hips. With a jerky movement, you should lie down on a bench and take your starting position.

2 Locate comfortably. Slightly bend your back in the lower back. Head and shoulders should be firmly pressed to the surface. Look up. It is also important that the legs are firmly on the floor with a full foot. Spread them a little more than the width of your shoulders.

3 Tightly lock the projectile in your hands. Elbows should be straightened or slightly bent.

Starting position bench press dumbbell

4 Begin synchronously lowering the dumbbells as you inhale, and while exhaling, squeeze them up. Dumbbell Bench Press Technique Mircea.Netea – stock.adobe.com

5 At the moment of movement, firmly fix the position of your wrists.

6 The bench press of dumbbells lying on a horizontal bench should be performed at the same amplitude with which the usual work with the bar is done.

7 After you have completed the exercise, carefully place the dumbbells on the floor. In the event that you work out in the gym together with a friend, he can pick up sports equipment from your hands.

Types of exercise

In order to better work out different parts of the pectoral muscles, experienced bodybuilders use different variations of the same exercise. You can perform a bench press of dumbbells, being in different positions and in different ways:

Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench

This exercise is ideal for pumping the upper chest. Before approaching, you must choose the bench where you can adjust the slope. The most common variation of the set can be called a bench press dumbbells lying at an angle of 30 degrees (45 degrees).

Muscle working in a dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench

This type of exercise is better for athletes who already have some experience in the classroom. The athlete’s deltas and triceps also get an extra load. The dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench should be performed according to the same technical principles as a regular exercise.

Dumbbell bench press lying on an inclined bench is also recommended for athletes who require upper chest training. In the event that during the exercise you feel pain in the shoulders, you need to slightly expand the dumbbells. Thus, the load on your shoulders will be reduced.

Dumbbell bench press at an angle

Dumbbell bench press on a bench with a negative slope

Dumbbell bench press on a bench with a negative slope is ideal for athletes who want to pump the lower chest, as well as make the target muscle group more prominent. During the exercise, the athlete also uses triceps and deltas. In order to complete the set, you need to choose the right bench. The angle of the negative slope should be 30-45 degrees.

There are several nuances of the dumbbell bench press lying on a bench with a negative slope:

1 Suitable only for athletes who have been in the gym for a long time.

2 Athletes often experience dizziness. Do not stay upside down for a long period of time. Watch your own condition.

3 It is very important to breathe correctly, do it smoothly and evenly.

4 Exercise can be performed on a special bench for the press.

5 An alternative to dumbbells may be a bar or chain.

6 After the end of the set, rise carefully. You may need insurance. Negative Slope Dumbbell Bench Press

Alternate Dumbbell Bench Press

Alternate Dumbbell Bench Press

Exercise can be performed while on a bench with any bias. In this way, you can better work out each hand in turn. Attention will be focused on the work of the left and right thoracic. The essence of the exercise is to raise your hands up not at the same time, but in turn.

Alternate Dumbbell Bench Press

Common Athlete Mistakes

Dumbbell bench press is the main exercise for both beginner athletes and professionals. Many athletes who have been visiting the gym for a long time continue to make many mistakes while doing heavy sets. Wrong technique of working with dumbbells can not only negatively affect muscle growth, but also cause injury.

To make your training process as effective and safe as possible and to avoid mistakes, use the following rules:

before the start of the training day, slightly stretch your muscles and joints;

during the set, the legs and body must be in a static position, so fix them as much as possible;

before performing basic movements, make a slight arch in the back; do not drop the dumbbells on the floor immediately at the end of the last repetition, as this may result in injury to the shoulder joint;


  • deflection while doing bench press dumbbell in the first lessons, work with light weight and, having just worked out the correct technique, move on to more serious loads;
  • do not hit the dumbbells against each other in the upper phase of movement;

dumbbell position in the upper phase of movement

  • do work with the projectile smoothly, feel the muscle;
  • squeeze weight at the same time, watch for synchronized movements;


  • synchronized Dumbbell Bench Press the range of motion should be complete – so you can work out the pectoral muscles most efficiently;
  • do not tear your hips off the bench. Strong deflection in the “bridge” can lead to injuries of the lumbar spine.

Separation of hips from the bench with a dumbbell press

These rules will help any bodybuilder achieve results in a shorter time, as well as protect themselves from injuries.

As you know, the bench press dumbbells can be done in different ways. To maximize the effectiveness of the exercise, perform the exercise on a not very wide bench, but not too narrow (your body should be in a stable position). You should stretch your chest well in the lower phase of movement.

In the event that you are paired with a friend, ask him to apply dumbbells to you immediately on the chest. Insure each other when working with large weights. Visiting the gym with a friend, you can increase your results. Your friend will motivate you, and you will try to show a higher result.

There are shells that can be disassembled. If you train with the help of such dumbbells, then you need to check them for strength. Protect yourself from injury Do not be afraid to experiment. Change the angle of the bench, the amplitude of the movement of sports equipment. You should have a good feel for the target muscle group. Squeeze dumbbells precisely with the efforts of the chest area, and not the biceps and the whole body.

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Training programs

Athletes perform a bench press of dumbbells during training of the pectoral muscles. To work out the chest area well, the split program for the dumbbell bench press is suitable. This means that for one visit to the gym, the athlete must work out two muscle groups.

Most popular programs:

Chest + Triceps

The most common method of pumping the target muscle group. While doing chest exercises, triceps is also actively involved in the work. Start the lesson with a load on a large muscle group. In the event that you first performed exercises aimed at pumping hands, then the bench press of the dumbbells will not be very effective for you.

Exercise/ Approaches x Repetition

  1. Bench press on an inclined bench 4×12,10,8,6
  2. Dumbbell bench press 3×12,10,8
  3. Push-ups on the bars 3×12
  4. Information of hands in a 3×15 crossover
  5. French bench press 4×15,12,10,8
  6. Extensions on the upper block with a rope 3×12

Chest + Biceps

During the training process, an athlete can combine the load on a large pushing muscle group with a small and pulling one.

Exercise/ Approaches x Repetition

  1. Bench press 4×12,10,8,6
  2. Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench 3×12,10,8
  3. Bench press in Hammer on the upper chest 3×12
  4. Laying of dumbbells lying 3х12
  5. Lifting the bar for biceps while standing 4×15,12,10,8
  6. Alternate lifting dumbbells sitting on an inclined bench 3×10

Chest + Back

Muscle antagonists are involved in the exercises. This means that the chest is responsible for a variety of bench presses, and the back for traction. In one lesson, you can work out well two large parts of the body at once.

Exercise/ Approaches x Repetition

  1. Bench press on an incline bench in Smith 4×10
  2. Pullups 4×12
  3. Dumbbell bench press 3×12,10,8
  4. Rod pull to belt 3×12,10,8
  5. Push-ups on the bars 3×12
  6. Thrust of the upper block to the chest with a wide grip 3×10
  7. Wiring dumbbells on an inclined bench 3×12
  8. Horizontal thrust block to the belt 3×10

Thus, you will have extra time for muscle recovery. Such a bench press program will help both beginners and professionals. When doing the dumbbell bench press lying on an inclined bench or horizontal bench, you should understand what the main goal of your lesson is. You can engage in mass, strength and relief. To increase the muscle volume of the body, do work with large weights. Lift the projectile up 8-10 times. In this case, fully load your pectoral muscles. If you take dumbbells of maximum weight for you, then you will work for strength. An athlete only needs to do a bench press for a couple of repetitions.

You can also work out the relief of the chest. This type of training is especially suitable for athletes who want to dry out. Do the dumbbell bench press with a comfortable weight. Do about fifteen repetitions. The number of approaches is approximately the same for all types of training. It will be enough for you to make 4 sets. Rest between them should not be too long, keep your muscles in good shape.

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Can I do the exercise at home?

It is possible and necessary to play sports in any conditions. To perform a press of a sports equipment up, you need a couple of dumbbells, as well as a special bench. You can replace it with a regular rug. But there is a problem that the amplitude of movement of the athlete will be incomplete.

It’s best to buy large dumbbells at the store that you can take apart. Thus, the athlete will have the opportunity to vary the load on the target muscle group.

If you still do not have the opportunity to purchase sports equipment, at first you can replace them with heavy improvised means. But soon you will still need to buy a gym membership. In order to build muscle mass in a qualitative manner, the load must constantly progress. If you just want to keep fit, and also improve your chest shape a little, then you will have enough bench press dumbbells lying at home.

Differences between dumbbell and barbell presses

Dumbbell bench press – a basic exercise in bodybuilding and powerlifting. That it is part of power triathlon. To increase the results in exercises with a barbell (for example, in clusters with a barbell), the athlete performs a dumbbell press up. There are several differences with these sports equipment. You can also highlight a number of advantages of training with dumbbells:

  • Security. Exercising with a barbell in an empty room is not safe. A heavy projectile can simply crush an athlete. If you exercise without a partner or trainer, and are also not confident in your abilities – then use dumbbells. They can be easily lowered without being injured.
  • Range of motion. When working with the barbell, the athlete is limited to a clear path. The vulture connects two hands. Thus, the athlete cannot increase the amplitude of the set. When working with the bar, the pectoral muscles will not receive the proper load. Performing exercises with dumbbells, you will increase the mobility of the joints. These movements are considered more natural for the bodybuilder’s body.
  • An opportunity to improve coordination of movements. Since the athlete will need to perform exercises with two sports equipment at once, he will be able to quickly and effectively improve neuromuscular communication in the human body. The athlete will improve coordination. This skill will help in everyday life.
  • Independence. The ability to work out two hands in turn. This feature of the dumbbell bench press is very relevant for athletes after an injury. The additional load on the target area will help eliminate the imbalance in the development of different thoracic regions. During the bench press, the main work will be performed only by a strong hand. Using dumbbells, the bodybuilder equally immerses the right and left side of the body. Thus, it is possible to quickly eliminate the imbalance in power indicators, as well as in the proportions of the athlete’s figure.
  • Universality. With the help of dumbbells, a bodybuilder can pump all muscle groups in the body. It is safe and very comfortable to work with this sports equipment. A huge number of both basic and isolation movements are available to the athlete.
  • The ability to use the projectile in different conditions. Dumbbells are small-sized sports equipment that takes up little space. They are very easy to store at home. You can also take this shell with you during long trips by car. Thus, you can always effectively maintain the state of your physical form.

In addition to the positive aspects, there are a number of minuses in doing the bench press with dumbbells. The main disadvantage is the small weight of the shells. To work out effectively, you must have a huge number of dumbbells. But the problem can be solved by buying a subscription to the gym. Even in the simplest rocking chair, you can find a sports equipment that is suitable for you to practice.

Alternative breast pumping methods

There are many exercises that can be performed in one lesson with a bench press dumbbell:

Pushups. The easiest way to work out the target muscle group is considered ordinary push-ups. The principle of the exercise is very simple. You can do push-ups even during homework.

Push-ups from the floor to the chest

Crossover Reducing the arms in the crossover allows the athlete to pump the inside, top or bottom of the pectoral muscles (depending on the position of the arms and body).

Crossover Hands

List of the best full-body exercises

Breeding hands with dumbbells. Exercise will enable the bodybuilder to work out the right muscle accurately and accurately. This is one of the most effective isolating exercises. Breeding is recommended at the end of the training day.

Breeding arms with dumbbells lying

Push-ups on the uneven bars. In addition to the pectoral muscles, a huge number of parts of the body are included in the work. With the help of bars you can effectively load your hands, shoulder girdle, back. In addition, you will improve the condition of the stabilization muscles of the trunk and abdominal muscles of the abs.

Chest Dips

The dumbbell bench press will help the athlete increase strength in other exercises. This is one of the most popular breast pumping methods. Change the angle of the bench during the sets to work out different parts of the chest more effectively.

In addition to performing the usual bench press of dumbbells, you must comprehensively develop the body. Train all muscle groups in the gym. It is also important to eat well. It is the right and balanced meals that will help the athlete gain a certain amount of muscle mass, as well as lose extra pounds.

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