Lower Back Exercises
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Barbell Good Morning
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Lower Back Exercises

Lumbar muscles are located in the area of hips and spine and responsible for straightening and rotation of the spine.

Lower back muscles, just as abdominal muscles, are essential for correct operation of the hips and back. Performance of lumbar muscles exercises may be considered of the primary importance when starting bodybuilding or fitness training.

Many beginning athletes want to have visible results of their training at once and immerse themselves in pumping arms, chest and lats without a second thought of their health and the right and well-balanced process of picking up and developing the muscles.

Lower back shall be trained in the first instance, because when performing exercises engaging other muscle groups, for instance, knee bending with a weight or pressing the barbell behind-the-neck, the spine is at an increased risk of getting injured. If Your lumbar muscles are not strong enough, You shouldn’t put too much weight while performing such exercises.

In the beginning of Your training process it is worth to make a point of the following exercises.