Seated Good Morning With Barbell

Seated good mornings how to do a proper

Seated Good Morning With Barbell

Seated good morning exercise guide. Initial position – straight seated at the edge of a hard bench (preferably, between support racks), feet are firmly on the floor a bit wider than the shoulder width. The barbell grip shall be placed at the level of back delts or trapezoidal muscles (the grasp is similar to the one used during squatting):

  1. Draw a breath and, keeping your back straight, bend your body forward until the horizontal position. The bend axis shall pass through the hip joint.
  2. Straighten your back and return to the initial position, making an exhale in the highest point in the meantime.

This exercise is perfect for the isolated work out of the lumbar muscles and deep back muscles.

Unlike when performing the lifts standing, this method eliminates loading the legs and hips.

A tip for seated good morning:

  • In order to protect yourself from an injury you should perform this exercise between two support racks. Provide for safety supports for the barbell grip on the fore support in front of you. This will help to control the required range of movement and, in case of a failed lift, to drop the barbell.
  • Seated good morning lifts is a relatively simple exercise, it is excellent for those who find it difficult to observe the techniques of such exercises as knee bending with a weight or dead lifts with a barbell.

Seated good morning workout video

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Application of the exercise

Who shall do it: Everybody from beginners to experts.

When: In the end of the training session dedicated back. After seated good mornings you should perform deadlifts and back extensions.

How many: 3 sets, 12-15 repetitions.

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