One-arm dumbbell rows

One-arm dumbbell rows

Grasp a barbell with the palm facing in; use the opposite hand and knee on the bench to support the back:

– Inhale and lift the upper arm and elbow as high as possible next to the body with the elbow bent.

– Exhale at the end of the movement.

One-arm dumbbell rows – final position

One-arm dumbbell rows - final position

To maximize the contraction, rotate the torso slightly toward the working side at the end of the row.

This exercise mainly works the latissimus dorsi, teres major, and posterior deltoid, and, at the end of the contraction, the trapezius and rhomboids. The forearm flexors (biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis) are also used.

One-arm Dumbbell Rows – Workout Video



One-arm dumbbell rows. Application of the exercise.

Who shall do it: Middle and higher level athletes.

When: In the mid-point or in the end of the training session dedicated back. Before this exercise you should perform close-grip lat pull-downs, after one-arm dumbbell rows you should perform seated rows.

How many: 3 – 4 sets, 10 – 15 repetitions.

Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions. Then repeat the movement with the another arm.

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