Incline dumbbell presses

Incline dumbbell presses

Incline dumbbell presses. Initial position. Sit on a bench with an angle of no more than 60 degrees (to prevent too much work with the deltoid), with elbows bent and grasping the dumbbells with an overhand grip:

– Inhale and extend the arms vertically, bringing the dumbbells together.

– Exhale at the end of the movement.

Incline dumbbell presses. Final position.

Incline dumbbell presses. Final position.

This exercise, which is midway between an incline press and incline dumbbell fly, works the pectorals (mainly the clavicular head) and increases their flexibility.

It also contracts the anterior deltoid, the serratus anterior, and the pectoralis minor (these last two muscles are fixators of the scapula, which stabilize the arm at the torso).

It also uses the triceps brachii, but not as intensely as the barbell press does.

Variation: Beginning the press with the hands in an underhand grip and rotating the wrists halfway to an overhand grip so that the dumbbells face each other focuses the effort on the sternal head of the pectoralis major.

Incline dumbbell presses. Application of the exercise.

Who shall do it: Everybody from beginners to experts.

When: In the beginning of the training session dedicated chest. After incline dumbbell presses you should perform cable crossover flys and incline dumbbell flys.

How many: 4 sets, 8-15 repetitions.

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