One-leg butt press

 One-leg butt press

One-leg butt press . The butt press belongs in the basic, multiple-joint exercise category because the hip, knee, and ankle joints are all mobilized. As a result, the butt press recruits muscles in addition to the glutes: the lumbar muscles and thighs.

This movement requires the use of the assisted pull-up machine to target the glutes very effectively.

How to Do It

Firmly grab the dip bars or machine supports to ensure stability. Instead of kneeling on the pad of the assisted pull-up machine, place one foot on it. Keep the other foot firmly on the foot step or the floor. Press on the assistant lever, squeezing your glutes as tightly as possible. Do not straighten your leg completely so that your glutes remain in a constant state of tension before you return to the starting position and repeat. When you have finished a set with one leg, move immediately to the other leg.

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Start position and One-leg butt press


• This exercise stretches your glutes like no others can. You will feel them contract immediately.


• You have to work one leg at a time, which makes this exercise more time-consuming than bilateral exercises.

! Because it is unilateral, this exercise places an uneven pressure on your lower back, which might exacerbate any existing pain or damage.


• If your hamstrings or ankles are not flexible enough, they will limit your range of motion, rendering this exercise less effective. Therefore, it is a good idea to stretch them both before starting this movement.

• Do not arch your back too much as you straighten your leg in an attempt to get a more powerful contraction of the glutes. If your back is pain free, a little arching of the lower back is fine, but excessive arching can damage your discs.

• By controlling how high the machine raises your working leg, you can modulate the range of motion of the exercise. At first, to prevent unnecessary soreness, do not let your foot go too high in the stretching part of the movement. Once you are used to this exercise, your goal should be to get the longest range of motion possible by letting the machine bring your foot as high as possible to really stretch your glutes.


If you don’t have access to an assisted pull-up machine, you can perform a one-leg step up, which is also described as a lunge variation in the quadriceps section. However, the butt press is preferable for two main reasons:

1. You benefit from a greater range of motion because of the deeper stretch provided by the butt press.

2. It is far easier to adjust the degree of resistance with the butt press, which is important when you first start training. With the step-up, you are forced to lift at least almost your entire body weight at a minimum.

Start position

Start position

One-leg step-up

One-leg step-up

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