Bending of hands with rod barbell


Bending of hands with rod barbell. The starting position is standing, with a straight back. Rod barbell holds a grip from below a little wider than the shoulders:

– take a breath and, bending his arms, raise the bar;

– At the end of the movement to exhale.

Performing exercises bending of hands with rod barbell


This exercise involves biceps, shoulder muscles and to a lesser extent brachial muscles, round pronators, all flexors of the hand and fingers.To avoid the deviation of the torso, strain the muscles of the buttocks, abdomen and back.

Variants of the exercise bending of hands with rod barbell

Use a different grip width to stress the load:

– on the long head of the biceps (close grasp grip);

– on the short head of the biceps (apart grasp grip).


At the maximum reduction of biceps slightly lift elbows upwards by means of deltoid muscles. Perform the exercise with maximum control over the movement, for this straighten the back and maximally bring the blades together. You can also bend your hands more emphatically, pressing the lower back to the wall, moving your feet half a step forward.

If you want to perform this exercise with very heavy weight, then slightly tilt the body forward (the bar below), and then, bending your arms, straighten the trunk backwards, giving the boom additional acceleration.

Such a technique should be used very carefully so as not to injure yourself. This option requires the presence of experience and developed muscles of the abdomen and waist, insuring your movements.

Training your biceps with a bar, it is very important to take into account the individual characteristics of morphology.

In some individuals in a certain anatomical position (when the arms are located along the trunk and the brushes are in the supination position, that is, with the thumb to the outside), the angle in the elbow is clearly expressed, and the forearm is curved outward.

This feature forces people with this design when flexing their hands with a rod with a straight neck to turn their wrists inwards, causing pain.

Hand bending with curved rod bar


In such cases, we recommend using a bar with a curved grip to avoid injuring the wrist joints.

Note: such a curvature is most common in women.

Video for the exercise – hand bend with rod bar

Application exercises hand bend with rod bar

For whom: To everyone, from beginner to master.

When: In the second half of the workout.The first exercise for the biceps, after bendin hand bend with rod bar, perform the bending of the hands with dumbbells, grasp the hammer and bend the hands on the LARRY-SCOTT.

How many: 3-4 sets for 8-15 reps.

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