Straight-arm lat pull-downs

Straight-arm lat pull-downs

Straight-arm lat pull-downs. Initial position – stand and face the machine with feet slightly apart; grip the bar with an overhand grip, arms extended and shoulder-width apart; fix the back and contract the abdominal core:

– Inhale and bring the bar to the thighs, keeping the arms extended (elbows can be slightly bent).

– Exhale at the end of the movement.

Straight-arm lat pull-downs. Performance of the exercise.

Performance of the exercise

This exercise, which works the latissimus dorsi, strengthens the teres major and the long head of the triceps, which stabilizes the arm-trunk hinge.

Other Worked Muscles in Exercise

Other Worked Muscles in Exercise

Comment: Many swim coaches use this exercise to develop a powerful crawl stroke.


Straight-arm Lat Pull-downs – Workout Video



Straight-arm lat pull-downs. Application of the exercise.

Who shall do it: Everybody from beginners to experts.

When: In the midpoint of the training session. Before straight-arm lat pull-downs you should perform chin-ups and back lat pull-downs.

How many: 3 – 4 sets, 10 – 20 repetitions.

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