Variable arm bending with dumbbells


Variable arm bending with dumbbells. The starting position is sitting on the bench. Dumbbells in the lowered hands, palms turned inwards towards the body:

– to draw a breath and, at a delay in breathing, bend one arm at the elbow, unfolding the brush at yourself, lifting the elbow;

– At the end of the movement to exhale.

Strand the execution with each hand.


The muscles involved in the exercise are: brachial, brachial, biceps (biceps), anterior deltoid, less coracoid-brachial and upper part of large pectoral muscle.

Three ways of turning dumbbells performing alternating bending of hands


1. Mainly due to the biceps work.

2. Due to intensive work of the humerus muscle.

3. Mainly due to the work of the biceps and shoulder muscles.

Video for exercise – alternating bending of hands with dumbbells

Application exercises alternate bending of hands with dumbbells

For whom: To everyone, from beginner to master.

When: In the second half of the workout.Before the alternating bending of the hands with dumbbells, perform the bending of hands with the neck of the bar, after alternating bending of hands with dumbbells – bending the hands on the bench LARRY-SCOTT.

How many:3 sets of 8-15 repetitions alternately on each hand.

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