Lying face side head harness neck resistance

Lying face side head harness neck resistance

Lying face side head harness neck resistance. Initial position – lying face side on a flat bench, shoulder to its edge. The head strap shall be held fix on the head, the chain, and the weight belts shall hang down. Eyes shall look straight ahead, and the neck shall be fixed in parallel with the floor:

– slowly incline your head to the shoulder strictly vertically, as low as possible;

– lift your head up along the same trajectory to the highest point, and make an exhale.

End of movement

 End of movement

While performing this exercise, all lateral muscles of the neck are effectively engaged: the clavisternomastoid, scalene, splenius, and semispinal muscles.

Exercise performance tips:

– perform lifts and drops slowly at all times, in no case you should allow jerks. Too fast rate may cause undesirable movements in the cervical section of the vertebral column;

– during this exercise you should fix your shoulders in one position and concentrate all load solely on the neck muscles.

Alternative ways to perform the exercise with a head harness:

1. Head bends with poundage when seated.

Head bends harness

Target muscles: the trapezoidal, clavisternomastoid, scalene and splenius muscles of the neck.

The manner of performance

Initial position: seated, legs shoulder width apart, hands on your laps, weight on the belt, the chin touches the chest.

The range of movement is shortened by 5 – 10 degrees as compared to the natural mobility of the neck bones. Head rotation is not allowed during this exercise.

2. Head lifts with harness when lying face up (or down) on a flat bench.

Head harness lifts lying face up

Target muscles: very efficient for development of the he clavisternomastoid, sternohyoid and scalene muscles.

The manner of performance

Initial position: lying face up on a flat bench, the head strap fixed on your head.

The range of movement starts from the head position point in parallel with the floor and ends with the complete lift of your head to the highest point. Head rotation or jerks during this exercise are not allowed.

Is it even worth to work out the neck muscles? Yes.

Is there a guarantee that you’ll never injure this section of the body after working out neck muscles? No.

However, if you have strong neck muscles, you minimize the probability of getting injured and provide for the accelerated rehabilitation if an injure occurs.

Moreover, you’ll get a good visual effect – you may not see your mighty neck without a mirror, but its magnificence won’t escape the notice of those around you.

Lying face side head harness neck resistance – Workout video.



Application of the exercise

Who shall do it: Everybody from beginners to experts.

When: In the beginning or in the end of the training session. After lying face side head harness neck resistance, perform lying face down plate neck resistance and lying face up plate neck resistance.

How many: 3 sets, 15 – 25 repetitions.

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