Lying face up plate neck resistance

Lying face up plate neck resistance 02Lying face up plate neck resistance 01
Lying face up plate neck resistance. Initial position – lying face up on a flat bench holding a training tool (a weight plate) on the front part of the head:

– Lower your head down to the bottom and make an inhale.

– Lift your head up to the maximum holding it in the highest point for a second, and make an exhale in the meantime.

– Then slowly return to the lower position.

Tip: position your body so that the back is tightly pressed against the bench, and shoulders slightly protrude over its edges.

This exercise develops and strengthens the front neck muscles. The primary load falls on the clavisternomastoid muscle.

Note: like in case of any other exercises, the movements shall be performed carefully, with no jerks, lowering down slowly, and lifting up 2 or 3 times faster.

Lying face up plate neck resistance – Workout video.



Application of the exercise

Who shall do it: Everybody from beginners to experts.

When: In the beginning or in the end of the training session. After lifting your head lying face up on the bench, perform lying face down plate neck resistance.

How many: 3 sets, 15 – 25 repetitions.

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